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Uniform & workwear laundry services in London.

Pristine workwear cleaning for any industry, including food delivery, concierge teams, and security

Elevate your professional image with immaculate uniforms.

Always ensure your team looks impeccable with freshly cleaned, spotless uniforms. We offer pristine workwear cleaning tailored for various industries, including food delivery, concierge teams, and security

Why choose LaundryRepublic?

Always at your service.

Benefit from our flexible multi-site scheduling and high-intensity logistics tailored to your needs

Impress your clients.

Employing sustainable, high-quality cleaning methods, we ensure your team always looks sharp

Stress-free service.

With our fully account-managed service, you can focus on your business while we handle the laundry

Cost-effective solutions.

Our robust data-driven approach ensures no losses, better budgeting, and efficient usage control

Over 15 years of expertise.

We've been serving London's businesses with top-notch commercial workwear and uniform laundry services. Whether it's front-of-house staff or delivery personnel, we've got you covered

Case study: Axis Security

LaundryRepublic addressed and rectified the challenges faced with a previous supplier
With previous provider
  • Uniforms delivered weeks late, or lost completely
  • Unreliable schedule caused stress of dirty and unavailable items
  • Invoicing was opaque, late, and often dubious
With LaundryRepublic
  • Impeccable uniform cleaning, delivered on time
  • Frequent, reliable service across portfolio, scheduled to suit axis
  • On-time online invoicing with full usage data


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Get in contact

Get a free quote from our expert team